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MSt Architecture Apprenticeship VOD - Shared screen with speaker view
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Hello everyone and thank you for joining today's virtual open day for the MSt in Architecture Apprenticeship. This will begin shortly at 2pm GMT. If you have any questions for our speakers throughout today's event, please do post them in the Q&A tab on your zoom menu and we will go through as many as possible at the end of the session.
Zara Kuckelhaus
That email address again is:apprenticeships@ice.cam.ac.uk
Zara Kuckelhaus
And the employer handbook:https://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/files/downloads/mstarchapp_employer_handbook.pdf
ICE Marketing
Just a reminder that if you have any questions for our speakers, please do post them in the Q&A tab of your zoom menu and we will go through as many as possible.
ICE Marketing
You can find out more at www.ice.cam.ac.uk/apprenticeships, and email ice.admissions@ice.cam.ac.uk for any admissions-related questions or apprenticeships@ice.cam.ac.uk for more general questions.
Zara Kuckelhaus
Administrative course team email: architecture@ice.cam.ac.uk
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You can apply for the course at https://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/course/mst-architecture-apprenticeship
ICE Marketing
We also have an employer engagement session for the MSt in Architecture Apprenticeship taking place on 2 March at 2pm. Find out more at https://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/event/mst-architecture-apprenticeship-employer-engagement-session.
Claire Gaertner
That was a really helpful presentation, thank you to everyone!
Zara Kuckelhaus
Hi Amy,Please could you send this question with details of how long was spent overseas (and when it was) to apprenticeships@ice.cam.ac.ukKind regardsZara