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MSt in Writing for Performance Virtual Open Day - Shared screen with speaker view
Fraser Grace
yes, working fine thanks Cory. do you want me to share from the outset?
ICE Marketing
Hello everyone and thank you for joining today's virtual open day for the MSt in Writing for Performance. This will begin shortly at 5pm. If you have any questions for any of our speakers today, please post them in the Q&A tab in your zoom menu and we will try to answer all of them at the end of the session.
ICE Marketing
You can explore all of our creative writing courses at https://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/courses/courses-subject/creative-writing-literature-and-film-studies.
Midge Gillies
An extra month!
ICE Marketing
Just a reminder that if you have any questions for our tutors or students, please do post them in the Q&A tab and we will aim to answer as many as possible.
Michael Boyton
Can you give us an idea of how many hours a week work we need to do?